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About - TCI Habu Interconnect

TCI Manufacture some of the best Hi-fi interconnects available using aerospace grade materials to give top quality and long term reliability. TCI Tiger, Viper and Cobra have all recieved excellent Speialist press reviews, TCI Hi-Fi Interconnects have recieved What Hi-Fi 5 stars awards, Hi-Fi Choice Bronze award winner and AV Review website interconnect of the year. Select from the links on the right for more details.

Our TCI Asp is a new entry level interconnect for Hi-Fi or AV systems. Featuring Gold plated RCA Phono plugs with OFC co-axial conductors, the Asp is a sensible performance upgrade from the free interconnects often supplied with hi-fi components. It provides tonal neutrality along with a performance upgrade that will show off improvements without drawing attention to any performance shortfall in an excellent value for money package.

- PE insulation
- Protective PVC outer jacket
- High quality 24K gold plated engineered RCA connectors
- Oxygen Free Copper conductors
- Quality specified in the UK.