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About - Speaker Cable

..All our listeners compared this cable favourably to the Ecosse....This was no wash of sound but a living, breathing performance.
Hi-Fi News Magazine Jan. 2013 read more

TCI King Cobra Bi-Wire uses two lengths of TCI King Cobra in an external polyester braid to provide a reference grade cable with none of the usual design compromises found in bi-wire cables.  It ensures the same natural, open, dynamic and detailed quality of sound with the added advantage of a bi-wire connection for bi-wirable speakers.

- Aerospace grade SP-special copper alloy
- Two silver plated oxygen free special copper alloy conductors
- Sheathed in PTFE Kapton tape primary insulation
- Twin stereo construction bi-wire configuration
- Screened conductors to reduce RF and EM interference
- 9mm diameter round profile

designed and engineered in the UK