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About - Speaker Cable

(Review on Bi-Wire version) ..All our listeners compared this cable favourably to the Ecosse....This was no wash of sound but a living, breathing performance.
Hi-Fi News Magazine Jan. 2013 read more

TCI King Cobra uses a combination of the latest aerospace grade insulation together with military grade conductors to make a reference stereo speaker cable. TCI King Cobra manages to deliver bass extension and low level information that most cables are unable to reveal or simply distort.  It has a real ability to seamlessly portray dynamics and rhythm together whilst allowing music to flow and dance along, and yet maintain a rock solid expansive sound stage with delicate detail that has a real natural quality.

- Aerospace grade SP-special copper alloy
- Two silver plated oxygen free special copper alloy conductors
- Sheathed in PTFE Kapton tape primary insulation
- Stereo construction
- 9mm diameter round profile
- External polyester braid jacket

designed and engineered in the UK