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About - Interconnects

TCI Manufacture some of the best Hi-fi interconnects available using aerospace grade materials to give top quality and long term reliability. TCI Tiger, Viper and Cobra have all recieved excellent Speialist press reviews, TCI Hi-Fi Interconnects have recieved What Hi-Fi 5 stars awards, Hi-Fi Choice Bronze award winner and AV Review website interconnect of the year. Select from the links on the right for more details.

TCI Tiger II is our entry level silver interconnect and designed to lift the performance of your system for a relatively modest outlay. It features a twisted pair of silver plated LC-OFC conductors with Superthane insulation and terminated with cast hard gold plated RCA plugs. The result is a cable that ensures excellent rhythm and a wide open soundstage along with increased detail and fine clarity and dynamics.

- Entry level immediate upgrade cable
- High quality gold plated split pin RCA
- Silver plated LC-OFC conductor
- Superthane insulation
- Lead free high purity silver solder
- Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

designed and engineered in the UK