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About Us

TCI Cables Ltd.
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About Us

TCI Cables have been manufactured for high quality Hi-Fi systems for nearly 20 years. Our first product TCI Cobra was original designed in 1993 and although refined over the years, remains largely true to its original design. It is still widely regarded as a reference quality interconnect. TCI use Aerospace technology in their cables to gain significant audio advantages over the majority of cable manufacturers. These technologies ensure not only better sound, but also consistent long-term performance.
This means that, provided you keep the connections clean, your cable will sound as good in 20 years time as it does the day you buy it.

Plugs Designed by TCI

True Colours Industries not only design the cables but also the plugs that terminate the connection. This includes mains plugs, RCA phono plugs and 4mm speaker plugs. By specifying every component TCI can ensure the ultimate performance of the finished product.


All True Colours Industries products carry a limited 3-year warranty for the original purchaser. The warranty covers the product against manufacturing defects, but excludes user or accidental damage, misuse or any other type of abuse.

designed and engineered in the UK